Robin Walker de Valve dice que los fanáticos de Half-Life deberían estar ‘entusiasmados con la posibilidad nuevamente’, no menciona el número 3

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Robin Walker de Valve, uno de sus desarrolladores más veteranos y una figura clave en la creación de todo, desde Half-Life hasta Team Fortress y Dota 2, concedió recientemente una entrevista a El jugador discutiendo la reacción interna de la compañía al hacer Half-Life: Alyx y bromeó sobre lo que vendrá.

«Creo que durante los primeros años [of Alyx development,» says Walker, «it was just a bunch of people in the company sceptical that we were going to actually build and release a Half-Life product again. All the scepticism about Valve working on Half-Life that’s out there was just as alive within the company itself, and you just resign yourself to thinking that we’re never going to do it.”

Walker goes on to observe that «fear is a good motivator» and the positive reaction to the announce calmed internal nerves. Alluding to the title’s nature as a VR-only experience, he adds: «The worst thing we could do is ship a bad Half-Life game, but if we ship a good one that is worthy of the name, then I’m sure people will be able to experience it in time.»

(Image credit: Valve)

The most interesting aspect of the interview is Walker discussing the ‘narrative limbo’ that fans of the series had been left in after the HL2 episodes, and a determination with Alyx to change that equation. Discussing the game’s ending (no spoilers) Walker says:

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